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Tax Investigation & Enquiries

HMRC enquiries can be a lengthy, stressful and time-consuming process. HMRC is investigating each year tens of thousands of individuals and businesses by random spot checking tax returns or as full-blown enquiries.  This means that even if you are fully compliant with the statutory requirements and the correct tax has been settled with HMRC you can still be subject to a tax enquiry and you will be investigated in the same way.

Capitax Financial Ltd specialises in providing expert tax investigation advice and representation to individuals or corporations during HMRC enquiries and aims to resolve any tax investigations in the most cost-effective manner whilst minimising the tax liability and the penalties imposed by HMRC.

Our team is experienced in handling a wide range of enquiries from voluntary disclosure to HMRC investigations raised under HMRC’s Code of Practice 9 (COP9), VAT Inspections, PAYE & Employer Compliance Disputes, business inspection notices & IR35 disputes.

How can we help?

Being the subject of an HMRC enquiry, can be a disruptive and exhaustive experience, that is why we will take full control of the investigation by giving you a clear understanding of the process involved, safeguard you from any pressure involved in the investigation by liaising with HMRC on your behalf, fighting your corner limitlessly and defend you, and if necessary, disclose the necessary information to HMRC, demonstrate your compliance and future commitments to your legal obligations and negotiating a favourable settlement and minimising any penalties raised.

We pride ourselves with a 100% minimum penalty settlement in all the HMRC enquiries that we have handled on behalf of our clients so far. Our rate of success has been the result of our up-to-date knowledge with regards to the latest changes in tax enquiry legislations and the current tactics adopted by Tax Inspectors.

As part of our wide range of services provided to our clients, we also offer Tax Investigation Services that could cover our accountancy fees for helping you with your HMRC enquiry.

Please contact us, should you require any assistance with tax investigations and enquiries.

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