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Tax Investigation Fee Protection

Tax investigation activity and enforcement campaigns from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is a continuing reality and you could be targeted next. With over 55% of its staff now engaged in enforcement and compliance activity, HMRC, is set to once again exceed its compliance targets. HMRC’s number one objective is to ‘maximise revenues due’!

In future years, HMRC hopes that moving to quarterly reporting under the new Making Tax Digital regime will reduce the number of mistakes made, but what is it doing now to reduce the tax gap?  The answer is carrying out significant enquiries and investigations, helped by data gathering and analysis, scrutinising card transactions, random checks, encouraging and awarding whistle-blowers, exchanging information with other countries and increasing the number of specialist enforcement and compliance staff it employs.

The UK’s 6 million plus SMEs and private individuals (including landlords and individuals with undeclared foreign income and gains) can expect to be the target of investigations over the coming year as HMRC looks to reduce the tax gap and deliver £50bn of enquiry generated money into the Chancellor’s coffers!

How can we help?

In order to protect our clients, we have spent considerable time developing a Tax Investigations Service for our clients. The service ensures we can fully defend you against HMRC’s allegations and achieve the best possible result for you. Our Tax Investigations Service is designed to provide our clients with protection against the fees arising from professional representation during such an enquiry. Tax Inspectors can be notoriously argumentative and will trawl through mountains of paperwork and accounts to identify potential discrepancies. Even minor accidental errors can lead to months or even years of fraught negotiations to prove your innocence. Many people cannot afford a robust defence and are forced to accept HMRC’s allegations and pay additional tax demands. If you are chosen for investigation, we will defend you and you can be reassured our costs will be reimbursed. With our Tax Investigations Service, we will be able to:

  • Respond to HMRC on your behalf.
  • Deal with all correspondence.
  • Prepare and defend your case.
  • Negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

Business legal helpline:

As an additional benefit, we have also arranged for subscribers to receive 24/7 access to a business legal helpline. The helpline covers employment law, health & safety and commercial matters and is available 365 days a year. We believe the annual cost reflects excellent value for money.

Capitax Financial Ltd Fee Protection service includes:

  • Self-Assessment Tax Enquiries
  • Corporation Tax Enquiries
  • Business records checks
  • VAT enquiries & Visits
  • Employer Compliance disputes
  • Schedule 36 Interventions and Inspections
  • Inheritance Tax Enquiries

For further enquiries on our tax investigation fee protection service, please contact us.

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